Head of the subdivision: V.V. Opimakh, PhD in Agricultural sciences, Associate Professor
tel.: +375 17 516 77 62

Activity area

Breeding and seed production of root vegetables. Main research directions of the subdivision:

− Development of cultivars and hybrids of edible roots with a complex of economic and valuable features: garden carrot – with high content of carotin, fit for mechanical harvest and industrial processing; red beet – with features of one-seed vegetable, with round and cylindrical form of the root, high content of dry matter; radish – early-ripening for open and protected ground, resistant to shooting; raphanus, daikon, pastinaca – with high productivity and merchantability of roots.

− Species composition expansion for edible roots by introduction of new species: crambe, raphanus lobo, Japanese turnips.

− Study of new source material for breeding edible roots, new methods and technologies of their development.

− Development, study and keeping the genetic material – donors of economic valuable features of cultivars of edible roots for their usage and breeding.

− Primary seed breeding of new cultivars of edible roots, their implementation to agricultural production.

Goals and objectives of the subdivision activity

Develop and implement cultivars of carrot, red beet, pastinaca, daikon, raphanus for the foreseeable future. Develop heterosis hybrids of carrots and red beet for the foreseeable future adapted to the conditions in Belarus. Monitor and control cultivation technologies for edible roots and green crops in the republic. In perspective development of cultivars and hybrids of root crops by modernization of traditional breeding with use of biotechnological methods is planned.