Laboratory of technological research

Head of the laboratory: M.F. Stepuro, Grand PhD in Agricultural sciences, Associate Professor
tel.: +375 17 516 77 85

Main directions of scientific studies:

• Development of nutrition system for vegetable crops in open ground and in plastic-covered houses.

• Studies of effect and aftereffect of break crops, organic fertilizers, simple and complex mineral fertilizers to the soil fertility, its hydrophysical and agrochemical properties.

• Creation of optimal conditions for growth and development of vegetable crops by correction of the fertilizers system by introduction of foliage spraying with macro- and microelements during critical growing periods on the ground of functional diagnostics of availability of 11 nutrition elements for the plants.

• Testing new forms of organic and mineral macro- and micro fertilizers, growth regulators and crop protection agents.

• Primary seed breeding of varieties of sweet pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers.

• Development of resource-saving, environmentally safe technologies of vegetable crops growing,

• Introduction of developed nutrition systems and vegetable crops growing technologies in state and private sector of vegetable growing.

The most important developments:

• Recommendations for calculation of optimal doses of vegetable fertilizers with a PC.

• Technology of water melon growing in the open ground.

• Technology of melon growing in plastic-covered houses.

• System of application of new complex mineral fertilizers providing soil enrichment, high productivity and quality of vegetable crops.

• Optimization methods for mineral nutrition of headed cabbage and red beet on the ground of functional diagnostics.

• Varieties: Ranitsa and Prize tomato, Parnas sweet pepper, Vyaselka cucumber.