Republican unitary enterprise “Institute for Vegetable Growing” is one of the oldest research centers in Belarus. The activity in the sphere of vegetable growing was initiated by the establishment of Belarusian Department of All-Union institute of applied botany and new crops in 1925 upon an initiative of the world’s famous scientist, academician N.I. Vavilov. In 1956 Belarusian Research and Development Institute for Potato Growing and Horticulture was established. On July 16, 1990 pursuant to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of BSSR No. 157 “On establishment of scientific and research institutes for agriculture” the Belarusian Scientific and Research Institute for Vegetable Growing was established on the basis of branch departments and laboratories of the previous institute.

In 1992 the institute was included to the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

During its existence (more than 90 years) the Institute became a large scientific establishment performing complex solution of vegetable growing problems.

Republican unitary enterprise “Institute for Vegetable Growing” is the main scientific and research, scientific and methodological and coordination center of the country in the sphere of vegetable growing.

By the decision of the government it was established that the main activity areas of the Belarusian Scientific and Research Institute for Vegetable Growing shall be: breeding and seed production of vegetable crops, development of technologies of vegetable growing in the open and protected ground, improvement of storage and processing technologies for fruit and vegetable products, development of new samples of agricultural equipment for vegetable crops cultivation.

Broad-scale research is done to develop adaptive resource-saving environmentally-friendly technologies for vegetables and seeds production of national breeding on the basis of reproduction of soil crop-producing power, biologisation and modern means of mechanization providing the receipt of vegetable products of good quality and persistently high crop productivity at the same time.

The institute is the leading breeding establishment of the country in vegetable crops.

More than 150 cultivars and hybrids in 37 species of vegetable crops were developed in the institute. 117 of them were included to the “State Registry of Cultivars and Hardy-Shrub Species”, 19 are in the process of state crop variety testing.

Including: white cabbage – 13 cultivars, cucumber — 12, cucurbita — 3, zucchini – 2, tomato – 22, sweet pepper – 8, eggplant – 2, bulb crops – 15, edible root vegetables – 16, beans – 9 cultivars.