Head of the division: A.Ya. Khleborodov, PhD in Agricultural sciences, Associate Professor
tel.: +375 17 516 77 64

Main areas of laboratories of melon crops research

— search of original forms of cucurbits among samples of world’s breeding;

— assessment of the starting material of world’s breeding and creation of national gene bank of cucumber, cucurbita, zucchini and pattypan squash on its base;

— creation of a collection of new F1 cultivars and hybrids with a complex of valuable economic and biological features on the base of the selected samples, which stable high productivity of crops and seeds, resistance to biotic and abiotic environmental factors, high technological and biochemical product quality indices;

— development and improvement of selection methods according to economic-biological features among cucurbits on the basis of intervarietal and interspecific hybridization, variability of qualitative characteristics, presence of stable correlation relationships between them, search of transgressive forms;

— organization of primary seed breeding, inbreeding lines and reproduction of F1 hybrids;

— introduction of new F1 cultivars and hybrids into agricultural production in industrial private areas.

Developments for industrial and farm vegetable growing

Mellittophilae varieties and heterotic hybrids of all-purpose cucumber in open ground: Slavyanskiy, F1 Belarusian gherkin, F1 Gourmet, F1 Coral head, F1 Malysh, F1 Janus.

Brachycarpous, parthenocarpic hybrid of cucumber for open and protected ground F1 Tonus.

Varieties of large-fruited cucurbits: Gold Crown, Chyrvonaya; Cucurbita pepo: Delta.

Zucchini varieties: Albin, Ananasny

Pattypan squash varieties: Solntsedar.