Division of legume crops

Head of the division: A.M. Pashkevich
tel.: +375 17 516 77 68
Email: faba@belniio.by

Main research areas:

• preservation and addition of national gene bank of legume crops.

• receipt and improvement of source material for legume crops breeding.

• creation of new productive varieties of legume crops with high yield characteristics, of different maturity groups and uses, fit for progressive growing technologies.

• primary seed breeding of created varieties of legume crops.

• development of technologies of legume crops growing.

Production suggestions:

1. Recommendations:

• Technology of peas cultivation for conservation.

• Technology of peas cultivation for seeds.

2. Original and elite seeds of national legume crops varieties:

Gorynets pea variety
Middle-early variety, growing period is 59 days. Productivity 12,0 t/ha; leaves are modified to well- developed runners, which confer resistance to lodging during harvesting; green pea contains: 22-29% of dry matter, 5,5-8,3% of protein, 1,8-5,6% of sugar, 17-50 mg/% of Vitamin C; it is moderately resistant to diseases.

Zinulya green bean variety
Medium term of ripening. Growing period is 57 days. Bean productivity is 33,6 t/ha. Beans are green. Beans contain: 9,6 % of dry matter, 4,57 % of sugar, 293 mg/kg of nitrates. It is moderately resistant to many diseases.

Znichka bean variety
The plant is bunch-forming, upright, determinate for industrial growing technologies. During the period of technical maturity of beans they are fibreless. Fiber appears during seed ripening. It allows using beans during the period of technical maturity for sale as well as for conservation. Fiber, forming during ripening, aids easy thrashing capacity of seeds, which can be used for sale or as material for canned foods industry. Bean productivity during one-time harvesting is 18,3 t/ha, total 35,6 t/ha, seed: 54,6 dt/ha.