Laboratory of plant disease resistance and biotechnology


Head of the laboratory: V.L. Nalobova, Grand PhD in Agricultural sciences, Associate Professor
tel.: +375 17 516 77 65


Main directions of scientific research:

• Control of phytopathological situation in the republic. Detection of the most common and destructive diseases, with account of which breeding for disease resistance should be done.

• Study of infraspecific differentiation of phytopathogens with selection of the most virulent races and aggressive strains for creation of artificial infection backgrounds.

• Development of assessment methods for disease resistance within infection backgrounds.

• Finding effective safening sources and donors for inclusion into breeding process.

• Creation of source breeding material with genetic safening to phytopathogens.

• Seed production of created varieties and hybrids of cucumbers and tomatoes and their implementation to agricultural production, farm and country gardening.

Practical studies:

• The most common and destructive diseases have been detected, their excitants have been identified.

• Bioecological peculiarities, pathogenesis and structure of populations of phytopathogens of vegetable crops in open and protected ground have been studied.

• Assessment methods for disease resistance have been developed.

• Sources and donors of safening to phytopathogens for breeding for disease resistance have been identified.

• Cucumber varieties and hybrids, resistant to diseases, have been created: Verasen, Zarnitsa and Svitanak, F1 Vyaselka (mellittophilae for open ground), F1 Braginka and Plios (parthenocarpic for plastic-covered houses); tomato – Praleska, Agat and Izumrud; dill – Sozh-200 (included to state registry of the Republic of Belarus); hybrid of cucumber for plastic-covered houses F1 Ples (is being tested within state joint testing).

• Immunologists in the result of work with breeders are co-creators of the following varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops:

cucumber – Belarusian and F1 Janus (included to state registry of the Republic of Belarus and to state registry of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation), F1 Zubrenok (included to state register of the Republic of Moldova);

cabbage – Zhnivenskaya, Bartlan; tomato in protected ground – F1 Dasha, F1 Nadezhda; tomato in open ground – Orange, Silach; sweet pepper – Alesia, Kubik krasny; green beans – Afina and Irishka, peas – RОS-1, beans – Justin (included to the state registry of the Republic of Belarus).

• Original and hybrid seeds of cucumber and tomato varieties are grown in the laboratory.

Laboratory scientists have prepared and published more than 200 articles and 5 books, 12 methodology guidelines. The scientists have 20 certificates of authorship and patents for crop varieties and creations.


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1. Method of estimation of cucumber for resistance to mildew / V. L. Nalobova // №1724085, М., 1991.

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4. Method of assessment of resistance of carrot varieties for resistance to leaf mould (registration No. 20101402 dated 28.09.2010).

Connect with other institutes

Scientific researches in the laboratory are performed together with the scientists of state establishment “Pridnestrovye Scientific and Research Institute of Agriculture”.