Laboratory of fruiting vegetables

Head of the laboratory: L.A. Mishin, PhD in Biological sciences
tel.: +375 17 516 77 92

Research on agricultural technology, and later on the breeding of tomato in Belarus, were initiated in 1925. Voluznev A.G., Artemenko G.I., Polyanskaya A.M., Sumenkov I.S., Ometsinsky P.I., Streletskaya O.Ya., Psareva V.V., Antsugay F.I., Kostechko N.I., Kostroma G.F. and other scientists have worked in this area. The Laboratory of fruiting vegetables was created in 1996.

The main goal of the laboratory’s research work is to solve the following interrelated tasks:

– the introduction of new forms and the creation in the republic of the gene pool of solanaceous vegetable crops: tomato, sweet and hot pepper, eggplant and strawberry physalis;
– the creation of competitive varieties and hybrids, adapted to the conditions of the republic, resistant to the most harmful diseases, combining early ripeness with high yields;
– intensification of the breeding process on the basis of research in the area of genetics, immunity, biotechnology, biochemistry and physiology;
– Improving the placement and maintenance of elite seed production of zoned varieties at a high scientific and methodological level;
– the study of new agricultural practices and the gradual improvement of existing technologies for the cultivation of solanaceous crops;
– promotion and introduction of new varieties not only in large farms, but also in the private sector;
– implementation of consulting assistance, improving the level of knowledge of specialists of farmers and vegetable growers;
– comprehensive development of scientific, technical, economic proposals and forecasts for the improvement of production, both in the private sector and in the industrial vegetable farms of Belarus.

Production offers:

Over the past 15 years 10 tomato varieties for open ground, 6 tomato hybrids for film greenhouses, 5 varieties and 1 hybrid of sweet pepper, 1 – hot pepper, 2 – eggplant, 1 – strawberry physalis have been created . At present,  one early ripe tomato variety for open ground, 2 peppers hybrids for film greenhouses with original fruits were submitted for State trials.

The laboratory has created a good groundwork for solving scientific problems. A wealth of valuable source material has been accumulated and created as a result of cooperation with VNIISSOK, VNIIOKH, VNIIR, TSKHA, MoldNIIOZ, with scientists from Bulgaria, Poland, Holland, etc .: more than 1000 samples of open and protected ground tomato, more than 400 – sweet and spicy pepper, more 60 – Eggplant and Physalis. More than 80 scientific and 300 popular articles were published.
Three Grand PhD of science, three PhD of science, four researchers, incl. subcontractors from the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and BSKHA takes part in our work.