Subdivision of cole crops

Acting of the subdivision head: Yu.M. Zabara, Grand PhD in Agricultural sciences, Associate Professor
tel.: +375 17 516 77 84

Main scientific research directions

• development of cultivars and hybrids of different cole types with the use of DNA analysis for prognostication of heterosis and genetic certification of lines with high productivity potential, resistant to main diseases, vermin and abiotic factors of ambient environment, with good eating qualities and satisfying the requirements of intensive cultivation technologies;

• support of original cultivars and heterosis hybrids of cabbage, Brussels sprout and broccoli with the use of molecular genetic maintenance for selection, evaluation of purity and hybridity of the breeding material;

• development of energy saving technologies for seed production of national cole cultivars and lines with cytoplasmic male sterility for industrial seed reception;

• international cooperation in production of pedigree and hybrid seeds and quality control under contractual conditions;

• development of technologies of cole crops cultivation. At the present time 13 cultivars and hybrids of cabbage of all maturity groups, Lel cultivar of Brussels sprout and Ptich cultivar of broccoli of national breeding are entered into the state registry.

The use of original scheme of breeding process allowed together with breeders from Russia to develop an ultra-early ripening hybrid of cabbage Ilaria F1 and late ripening long-keeping hybrid Avatar F1. Together with the State Scientific Establishment “Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” a middle-late hybrid of cabbage Dobrava F1 was developed and forwarded to crop variety testing (in 2011) and in 2012 a late ripening hybrid Belizar F1 was entered to the state registry.

Cooperation with all-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Breeding and Seed Production of Vegetable Crops allowed for the first time in the republic to develop and to forward to state testing early ripening Ptich broccoli cultivar. Every year the institute grows 200-250 kg of pedigree and super pedigree cole seeds. Technologies of seed production of heterosis hybrid lines with the use of parent-cutting and cole cultivars in the open ground and plastic-covered houses were developed.

Intensive technologies of cole cultivation in transplanted and non-transplanted crops were developed and are being implemented. Advanced technologies of conveyor growing of headed cabbage, cauliflower and Chinese cabbage allow, with consideration of storage, to provide annual supply of fresh products to the population of the republic.