Subdivision of bulb crops

Contacts: Head of the department of cold-hardly vegetable crops: N.P. Kupreyenko, PhD in Agricultural sciences
Head of the subdivision: V.V. Koreckij
tel.: +375 17 516 77 90

Main research directions of the subdivision:

• development of improvement methods for the breeding process of bulb crops to develop cultivars and hybrids resistant to main diseases, with good storability, high content of dry matter;

• development of a genetic bank of bulb onion, winter and spring garlic as well as perennial food onion by including variety from world’s collections and also development of new source material by intervarietal hybridization;

• enhancing the diversity of species and variety of bulb crops, development of heavy-productive varieties and hybrids of bulb onion for non-perennial and biannual crops, winter and spring garlic, perennial food onion highly resistant to diseases with different eating qualities, forms and colour, with high storability;

• primary seed breeding and preliminary multiplication of new cultivars of bulb crops, their implementation to agricultural production, farm and country vegetable growing;

• development and improvement of bulb crops cultivation technologies for food and seed purposes for industrial and farm vegetable growing.

Main developments of the subdivision in the sphere of breeding, seeds production and bulb crops growing technologies.

Early-ripening highly productive bulb cultivars with good storability and high content of dry matter: Yantarny, Vetraz, Kryvitski ruzhovy, Dyyament, Scarb Litvinov, Radimich, Edelweiss, Slutich;

Winter-hardy and cold-hardy varieties of winter garlic Vitazhenets, Polesskiy souvenir, Sarmat, Svetlogorskiy distinguished by their high productivity and merchantability of bulbs and their stability (the bulbs can be stored till March-April).

Spring garlic cultivar Yarvinit.

Perennial food bunch onion cultivars forcing during April-October: cultivar of Siberian chives (Allium nutans) – Belarusian botanic; long green onion cultivar – Morozko;

Chives cultivar – Zornaya rostan.

In the subdivision technologies of bulb onion growing in non-perennial and biennial crops, production of seeds and seed onion, winter garlic, allowing to receive 40-60 tons of bulb onion, 10-12 tons of seed onion, 5-6 dt/ha of seeds and 8-10 tons/ha of garlic were developed and brought under cultivation.

The subdivision employees have prepared and published 4 books and monographs.

1. Onion and Garlic in Your Garden-Beds./G.V.Pashina, А.Е.Коsach, N.P.Kupreyenko, I.I.Chekalinskaya. Minsk: «Mеt», 1998. – 1998. 207 s.:ill.
2. Diseases of Bulb Onion in Belarus. /N.P.Кupreyenko. Minsk: Belprint LLC, 2005. — monograph. 120 s.: ill.
3. Onion and Garlic /N.P.Кupreyenko. Minsk: Krasiko-Print, 2009. – 96 s.:ill.
4. Seed Production of Bulb Onion. Biology, agrotechnology, economy: monograph / N.V.Moisevich, А.А.Аutko, N.P.Кupreyenko, G.I.Ganush. Minsk: VYUA typography, 2009. – 144 s.: ill.